My brother Grant and I took over the very tired and rundown Bailey Lodge in September of 2014. I moved onto the property for the renovation project on the motel rooms and lodge accommodations in the Rocky Mountains while Grant focused on his very successful Inca Inn in Moab, Utah. (He's the one who got me into this crazy business).

The first thing we needed was to get a major remodeling effort underway. From there, with the Inca Inn having risen to #1 in its large market for the budget category, we figured if we applied the same undersell/over-deliver philosophy here in the Colorado Rockies, combined with great customer service and super clean rooms, this old lodge might come back to life.

It has.

Part of a much larger 11 acre HOA property on the river, also with a trout pond and heated pool, we took over management of that as well and are moving along with our master plan for updating the entire complex, with improved lodge accommodations and motel rooms in the Rocky Mountains. Hopes are for majority completion of the property project by end of 2018 with the lodge nearing completion right now.

Meanwhile, Grant sold the Inca Inn in Moab, only to launch the Blue Door Inn in Estes Park, Colorado, another run-into-the-ground establishment. It is rapidly rising towards the top with its ratings. During the same time, younger brother Nigel purchased an equally dismal old Knight's Inn in Durango, Colorado. He and his wife changed its name and about everything else and have moved it from very near the bottom of TripAdvisor ratings in that hot market to the #1 position, no trivial feat!

The Bailey Lodge is #1 of 1 in Bailey, not nearly as impressive statistically as what the brothers have done in their large markets, but, you know what? I have the coolest and nicest place of the three at the Bailey Lodge, with uniquely appealing motel rooms in the Rocky Mountains. And I can prove it.

The Invitation

We invite you to come be a part of the Bailey Lodge experience next time you are in the area. Compare our rates, what we offer, read our reviews and give us a shot.

If you ever have any questions about our Rocky Mountain motel rooms or lodge accommodations at the Bailey Lodge, you are welcome to call me. I answer or call back.


Scott Peck
November 2017
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