Restaurants and Libations

Al's Pits Barbecue and Food Great BBQ and Jerky, good prices, friendly people, and super views.Al's Pits Barbecue and Food

The Smiling Pig (5 minutes) is Bailey's largest restaurant at the moment. They also have a large bar and outdoor seating in season, with food not far from our hotel rooms in the Rocky Mountains. The Smiling Pig

The Shaggy Sheep (15 minutes) Newer restaurant with great reviews to the west of us towards the passes.The Shaggy Sheep

Cutthroat Cafe (5 minutes) A MOM n' POP cafe, very popular with the locals and known for their early breakfast. A great restaurant with classic food near our hotel rooms in the Rocky Mountains.Cutthroat Cafe

Coney Island Boardwalk (3 minutes). Infamous local hot dog stand. Coney Island Boardwalk

Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery (4 minutes). No one knows why Jack is mad, but he and his family run a very popular brew pub here with home brews, light food and, often, music. Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery

Aspen Peak Cellars (5 minutes). Owned by gourmet chefs who also operate a winery, they add a wonderful element to our community. They also host a popular snowshoeing and fondue event in the winter. Aspen Peak Cellars

285 Pizza (10 minutes) 285 Pizza

Cruz Inn (14 minutes) Drive thru, well rated.

Riverbend Eatery (4 minutes) is right on the river with great food, near our hotel rooms in the Rocky Mountains. Also bar and outdoor seating in season. Riverbend Eatery

China Village (5 minutes) Consistency good reviews by guest here. China Village

Al's Pits Barbeque and Food (11 minutes). Known as Al's Pits, it has it's own loyal BBQ fans. Located at the base of Guanella Pass, also to our west.

Cross Roads Pizza and Wings (15 minutes) Has a strong following. Cross Roads Pizza and Wings

Zoka's (25 minutes) A more refined restaurant food establishment, worth the drive from our hotel rooms at the Bailey Lodge in the Rocky Mountains. Zoka's

Buck Snort Saloon (32 minutes) One of the best known dining/drinking icons in Colorado. Buck Snort Saloon